The Makeup Artist Who Thinks Makeup Tutorials Are Promoting Self-Hate

She has a really good point!

The makeup artist who did the spot-on video about Sephora employees vs. M.A.C. employees has struck again with a video that airs out makeup tutorials. Eloho points out the trending introduction of makeup tutorials. Beauty bloggers start with their bare face, gesture how poorly it looks, then begin applying their full-face beat. “What’s the point of showing your natural face and saying no?”, asks Eloho. “I’m a big advocate for makeup, but you’re saying no to your natural face.” The makeup artist brings up a strong point about how we are promoting women to hate their natural skin by continuing this trend.

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Eloho suggests that beauty bloggers should stop rejecting their natural face in tutorials while doing their makeup and instead embrace the way that they look before and after makeup. commented, “Glad you said it. You can slay your makeup and slay without it. Stop showing these young woman watching your tutorials otherwise”. We couldn’t agree more with these ladies.