The M.A.C. Makeup Artist Who Doesn’t Want To Get Rid of Her Acne Scars

Curing acne and its long-term effects don’t need to define you.

Baltimore-based makeup artist, Bianka Manderson, is putting her foot down when it comes to receiving remedies to reduce her acne scarring. Her campaign inspired us, especially in a social climate where everyone has the next big answer to hyperpigmentation and acne.  As an artist first, Manderson picked up makeup as another medium to express her interest in blending colors. She also uses her art as a vehicle to overcome anxiety. “Makeup was never about covering your flaws to me,” said Manderson.

The makeup artist who suffered hormonal acne has residual scarring due to hyperpigmentation. “One reason that I started posting before and after pictures was that I got tired of seeing everyone on social media looking exactly the same,” says Manderson. “I wanted people to see beauty influencers who look like them, who are beautifully flawed.”

Even though Manderson has accepted the appearance of her skin, she still receives criticism and comments about skincare. “I’ve never felt the need to get rid of my acne scars,” says Manderson. “They tell a story. I’m going to let them fade on their own, and until then I’ll embrace them for what they are”. This campaign to accept acne scarring just made us add another off-day from makeup in our weekly routine.