Let’s Be Honest, Are Eyelash Extensions Even Worth It?

Yes and no.

The thing about eyelash extensions is that they make you look good AF. You go from normal to awake and subtly flirty in literally an hour which is the duration of an average appointment with a professional eyelash beautician.

Not to mention, pretty much every Instagram hottie is now either styling temporary fake lashes or these ninja extensions that you wouldn’t be able to distinguish as fake from even an inch away. It feels great to join the girl-gang of wide-eyed selfie-takers with your own set of eyelashes to generously bat, but the install and upkeep do come with its drawbacks.

On average, a new set of top lashes ranges from $100-220 in New York for a salon-grade treatment. We can agree, this is a healthy chunk of money for furry strands to sit on your eyelid (you’ll look beautiful, they say). But this is your self-love year so you’ll decide that you’re worth it and get it done.

The technician will delicately place the extensions on top of your real lashes with a glue that you cannot get wet for a full 24 hours. Okay, that’s not too bad; you’ll join your boyfriend in not showering that night. Here’s where it gets tricky: you cannot interrupt these bad boys with anything that will ultimately dissolve the glue. This includes oils, waterproof mascaras (any mascaras really), eyeliner, and eyeshadows too close to the lashline.  The removal process of this makeup will likely aggravate your lashes and cause them to fall out at rapid speeds. Note: they are already falling out as we speak with the natural shedding process of your naturals.

So, if you have $100 to drop every two-three weeks, gravitate towards simple makeup looks, don’t believe in crying (ever), and you like convincingly flirting with strangers across subway cars then eyelash extensions are made for you.