The Korean Sunscreen Better Than Your Favorite Matte Primer

Photo Courtesy of @themariejay

Rest easy, friends– I’ve found the matte dream of sunscreens.

The challenge of every skincare routine is finding a ride or die sunscreen formula which won’t disappoint by being too greasy or too thick. The perfect makeup slay can end up looking like a mud slick for oily skin girls with the wrong skincare prep (I know this one all too well). Fittingly, finding a sunscreen product that is all-natural, UV protecting, and controls oil better than your favorite matte primer is worth a brag to all of your girls.

The Faceshop’s Natural Sun Eco Oil Clear Sun Screen combines sebum absorbing powder to minimize the appearance of pores and purified sunflower sprouts extracts to protect the skin from harsh environmental sun rays. The formula does have a light BB cream suitable for light skin tones which may make it appear as a white cast when applied to dark skin. This doesn’t make it a strong sell for a no-makeup day, but it holds its position as a contender for a priming staple product for a face beat. The mattifying effects last a full twelve hours with only needed reapplication for sun protection.

Photo Courtesy of @themariejay