KKW’s Contour Kit Sold Out in Minutes, But Stila’s New Releases Produce Same Results

Check out Stila’s BRAND-NEW products from primers to foundations.

Stila launched its new skin-perfecting collection yesterday on the best day possible, National Selfie Day. The #StillaSelfie collection dropped with five never-before-released products that help diminish, buff and cover any imperfections. It feels good posting your selfie without a filter, and this is the collection that will get you there. Most of the products include duo functions: priming and moisturizing; illuminating and prepping; or concealing and smoothing.

There are three One Step primers, and each costs $36: Illuminate, Prime and Correct. The corrector provides the best base for a foundation with green tones to cancel out redness and peach tones to eliminate dark circles. This may not be the most versatile of the products because the green concealer would only help even out lips for darker skin tones; otherwise, it would leave a white cast on the skin. The One Step Prime, on the other hand, is clear and can be used on all shades. The skin-conditioning silicones in the formula reduce the appearance of pores. The One Step Illuminate uses peach and pale pink tones to provide a highlight for an all-over coverage or as a spot illuminator depending on your skin tone.

Stila also added a new two-in-one product for coverage and concealing in the Stay All Day collection, which includes some of our favorite eyeliners and liquid lipsticks. The Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer ($40) has the concealer with peach tones stored in a flip-up top and the foundation held in the twist-off dispenser. It is available in 15 different shades.

The brand also looked out for us by launching the #33 One Step Complexion Brush ($32), which can be used with all the products and has synthetic bristles in a tapered shape that are designed to mimic the comfortable movement of your fingertips.