Kim Kardashian Is The Newest Muse for Pat McGrath’s Eye Shadow Kit

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS -- Season: 9 -- Pictured: Kim Kardashian -- (Photo by: Timothy White/E!)

No one wears a smoky eye before than Kim K. The Kim Kardashian brand is so influential that once the Mom, businesswoman, and reality star supports a product, it becomes synonymous with the starlet who can make anything sell out. As seen with brands like Balenciaga, the Kim K endorsement can bring a brand into the mainstream and expand an already large audience. Pat McGrath, the makeup artist that everyone wants to have a selfie with, has enlisted Kim Kardardsian as the muse for the launch of her latest seven-piece Dark Star 006 eye kit. Kardashian isn’t a stranger to being the face of a makeup brand as she has her beauty line and a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick that totes her name.

McGrath is leading the way in beauty trends at the moment as the creator behind many of the looks that we’ve seen on and off the runway. McGrath and Kardashian worked together just a couple years ago for a Violet Grey shoot that was Cleopatra-inspired in a series where McGrath reimagined the images of old Hollywood glamor with new faces. The duo has stricken again with the mystery and allure that has surrounded McGrath’s releases. The Dark Star 006 is the third product kit filled with glitter and glitz to come out of the house of McGrath (after red-tinged Lush 004 and gold-gilded Metamorphosis 005). The kit will be released on April 11, and we are dying to see the smoky eye that Kim Kardashian will be sporting and having us pinning for days to come.