The Jewelry Brand That Erykah Badu and Karrueche Can’t Stop Wearing

And their most popular pieces couldn’t get any lustier. 

Whenever a piece of jewelry is seen on Erykah Badu, it’s time to pay attention. Besides being our unofficial Mama who always knows best, the songwriter helps us stay on top of the best jewelry in the industry including her statement item, Lillian Shalom’s armor rings. Plus, you want to trust someone’s opinion in jewelry when they quote Annie the Alchemist for saying, “Please leave me broken in billions of atomic particles…copper, zinc, and moonstones bronzed with careful hands over gentle gestures. I touch everything. I am everything. I’m nothing.”Deep. So, when Erykah Badu posted both a photo and video of a unique looking lip ring on IG, it was time to investigate.

Where’s Chocolate?

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The jewelry comes from the indie brand, Lace by Tanaya, started by model and actress, Tanaya Henry. “I started making jewelry as a hobby while I was living in a warehouse in New York with a bunch of artists. I wanted jewerly that I couldn’t find so I made it,” the artist told Vibe. If you haven’t heard about the brand yet, then you’ve definitely seen it around as everyone from Alicia Keys to Rihanna have worn items from her collection. Her personal friend, Karreuche Tran, has also been seen wearing The Hemp Hoops recently in both silver and gold.


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The brand has everything from chokers, to hoops, to crystal garters. You can find more of the items at This is definitely the must-watch brand for summer and the casual sexy slay.