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JET Beauty of The Week: Meet Chasity Saunders

Meet Chasity Saunders from the small town of Roanoke, Virginia.

Always known as a go-getter, Chasity got her start in college while attending Norfolk State University; initially as a theatre major. When her major was dropped from the school’s curriculum, she took a risk  and began dabbling in radio hosting.
Following college graduation she picked up and embarked towards the big city of New York to begin her modeling, acting & hosting career. Now in LA Chasity is still on the scene moving and shaking.
Get to know this beauty after the jump.

JET: Yes you have to pick New York or LA?

Chasity: I will ALWAYS be a New Yorker at heart however, I would have to say that L.A. has stolen my heart so, LA! 

JET: Favorite thing about Spring?

Chasity: Spring for me has always been about starting anew! Spring represents a transition and renewal of all things, and I always love the fresh new start! 

JET: Fashion statement you’ll be rocking this season?

Chasity: I’m really loving blush tones dusters this season, I have a sheer blush duster as well as a satin one that I absolutely love! My style is sophisticated chic with a hint of sexy, and no matter what’s trending I’m a true southern bell at heart, always dressing like a lady! 

JET: Beauty product that always stays In your bag?

Chasity: MAC Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick. I never leave home without it, it’s my signature lippy!

JET: Which app on your phone do you use the most?

Chasity: To be honest, Instagram

JET: Whose at the top of your playlist?

Chasity: I’m currently obsessed with The Internet and Anderson Paak 

JET: Which TV show are you currently binging?

Chasity: Dear White People on Netflix 

JET: Hardest part about your job?

Chasity: That’s hard because I love everything about modeling! I would have to say the hardest part would be standing in 6 inch heels 8+ hours a day multiple times a week. You don’t notice until the shoot is over (because you’re having so much fun) how much work you’ve done! Let’s just say I get pedicures weekly.

JET: Favorite person on Social media?

Chasity: My girl @AshleyGraham we met a few years ago modeling in NYC and I absolutely love seeing another plus size model killing it and  representing beautiful curvy women so fiercely! It’s inspiring and I’m super proud of her! 

JET: Marry, Shag or Kiil: Future, Lance Gross & Russell Westbrook 

Chasity: I’d Marry Lance Gross. I’d Shag Future. I’d Kill Russell Westbrook 

JET: Propose a question to next weeks JET‘s Beauty of The Week.

Chasity: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?! 

Last week’s JET‘s Beauty Of The Week‘s question.

Megan: If you could change something about the industry, what would it be and why?

Chasity: I would change the standards of beauty and the need to want to be popular in the entertainment industry. Our industry is so centered around social media, photoshop, plastic surgery, filters, followers and popularity. I wish more people and women especially would realize, embrace and embody their true power and beauty from within and not feel like they have to be a “somebody” to be somebody. 

The miracle happens in the process; some people are waiting on the miracle, don’t be that person. Happy Monday! 💕👑🔑

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