Jaden Smith Explained Why He Brought His Old Dreads As An Accessory To the Met Gala

Whatever floats your boat, Jayden.

There were a lot of bold looks at the Met Gala, but bar none the most surprising was Jaden Smith. Deep down, we were all a little anxious to see what The Smiths would do. Jayden is always on team DGAF, and he didn’t disappoint. He brought the blonde dreads that his Dad cut off for his role in Life In A Year to the red carpet. The cut-off dreads were a hairy accessory without much use. Not surprisingly, Twitter went TF off speculating about Jayden’s red carpet look.

Jaden later spoke to Teen Vogue after the award show and explained, “Since I couldn’t bring my sister as a date, I brought my old hair.” If that’s good enough of a reason for Jayden Smith, then I guess that’s good enough of a reason for us!