Jackie Aina Tagged and Defended For Giving Honest Review of KKW Contour Kit

“She should’ve done this like, five years ago.”After Kim Kardashian West’s launch party at her home for the new KKW contour kit, makeup gurus took to YouTube to give their reviews of the product. Among them were some of the beauty community’s heavyweights, including Manny Mua, Patrick Starrr, Jeffree Star and Jackie Aina. Most of the experts recommended the contour kit, which has since sold out, but Aina’s review was one of the most honest and apprehensive about the brand’s recent launch.

In the video review, Aina was open about saying that she would not have bought the kit because it scored a B-.


The contour sticks were so small and without much product that one of them broke right off when swatched by Aina.


“I would buy this kit if I was a huge fan of Kim Kardashian. I would also buy it knowing it’s one of the few products out there that cater to my skin tone. There just simply aren’t enough products out there that cater to my skin tone,” said Aina. ” The other side of me says I would not buy this simply because if I needed to contour, I would buy a foundation two to three tones darker. You can contour with anything, let’s be real… If this weren’t sent to me, I probably wouldn’t have bought it.”

Star, who received negative feedback for his positive review, took to Snapchat to defend himself, and as he twisted one of his new sticks all the way up, there wasn’t much product.

Fans noticed that on Kardashian West’s Instagram she hadn’t tagged Aina in their photo together, which has caused speculation about whether that was because of Aina’s honest review.

Aina’s fans weren’t slow to get on her YouTube video to support her statements about the contour kit.

It isn’t a Kardashian product launch if it doesn’t involve a little drama.