The Huda Kuttan Protege Getting Accused of Causing World Hunger With This Beauty Hack


The Dubai-based beauty blogger, Manal, received heat on Instagram this week for a beauty blender hack. The blogger trained through Huda Kuttan’s masterclasses has defended herself for the criticism that she has received. Instead of a traditional beauty blender, the blogger used a chilled marshmallow to apply her makeup. ” I kid you not, it actually blended well! I was so shocked, but I kept my marshmallows in the refrigerator which is why they were hard enough to blend my makeup effortlessly,” said Manal. The video which has now received over 700,000 views received criticism from viewers such as, “It’s food. Do you influence your followers to waste food? Or you do it for the likes and views?😷 It’s so irritating ppl can’t find food to eat, and you are doing this for likes and views”.

Manal immediately edited the post to defend herself against viewers who thought that she had taken beauty hacks too far. “You guys really need to chill. Stop taking everything so seriously. No one uses this on a daily basis. This is just for fun. Literally using a single marshmallow doesn’t cause world hunger or famine. Marshmallow isn’t even real food,” said Manal.

In a world of crazy beauty hacks, where do you stand with food as a beauty tool?

SONG🎶ATTENTION BY CHARLIE PUTH 🎶 EDIT: YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO CHILL. STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY. NO ONE USES THIS ON A DAILY BASIS. THIS WAS JUST FOR FUN. LITERALLY USING A SINGLE MARSHMALLOW DOESNT CAUSE WORLD HUNGER OR FAMINE. MARSHMALLOW ISNT EVEN A REAL FOOD FFS. Yes I did use a marshmallow. No I’m not wasting food, I know my etiquettes well. Makeup has no rules and we can go out of the way and try new things. Do not come at me with your negativity. Keep your negativity to yourself x 💄NO MAKEUP MAKEUP LOOK💄 Or, go-to glam. Or the makeup you’d wear to work or university or college. 💁🏻 So I went for a very dewy glowing look, the kind I could go for everyday ✨ Also, I used a marshmallow to blend my makeup and I kid you not it actually blended well! I was so shocked (my marshmallows were kept in the refrigerator hence they were hard enough to blend my makeup effortlessly) #Marshmallowblender maybe? 😂 For my brows, I only run a brush through them to tame them down. Instead of the @coverfx cover drops, you can go for a BB or CC cream 💓 Also I’m sick AF yet I decided to film. DEDICATION 😊 Product details 👇🏼 ➖ @tatcha Beauty camellia oil ➖ @coverfx Custom cover drops in “G40” ➖ @beccacosmetics Backlight priming filter ➖ @nyxcosmetics Liquid illuminator drops “Born to glow” in the shade PURE GOLD ➖@morphebrushes Eyeshadow palette in 12NB only for my crease 👀 ➖ @zoevacosmetics Contour spectrum for my contour ➖ @hudabeauty 3D highlight palette for my eyes and face ➖ @shophudabeauty Liquid matte in the shade “Venus” ➖ @blackup Jumbo matte lip crayon P.s. New hair, who dis? 💇🏻 Hope you guys like it! Tag a friend ❤️ _________________________________ #makeupclips #hudabeauty #hudabeauty3dhighlight #wakeupandmakeup #facediaries #trendsandco #brian_champagne #peachyqueenblog #sharethelove4beauty #shimycatsmua #diiamond #allmodernmakeup #hairmakeupdiary #universalhairandmakeup #makeovergeek #make4glam #fakeuproom #maryhadalittleglam #slaysolutely #glamfacedolls #blendwithtrend #hudabeautyliquidmatte #hypedupmakeup #hypnaughtymakeup #fakeupfix #makeupsdomundo #makegirlz #themakeupvalley #instamakeupla @balooshibeauties @wakeuptocakeup143

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