Hot for Henna

Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy.  This week, make-up and hair expert Dre Brown shares her tips for properly using henna.


For some reason, warm weather brings me closer to nature. I find myself covered in raw coconut oil and and aloe while either digging my toes deeper into a sandy beach or strolling under a canopy of trees in an NYC park oasis. Wherever I am, I’m celebrating new natural ways to boldly beautify.

This summer, I’m upping my au naturale ante by exploring the benefits of henna. Yup, you guessed it – the future social media selfies of my hands and feet adorned with eclectic mehndi artwork created with henna based ink are on the way! But, even before I embark on my “tattoo-tryst,” I’m planning to treat my skin and hair to some centuries-old solutions. Check out my henna menu below and try these tips yourself!

Enjoy …

Fabulously Flake-Free:

If you’re like many women who are active in the summer and hop from pool to parade to picnic with your hair out, you may experience some dryness of the scalp. I plan to keep dandruff under wraps with a henna-infused scalp treatment. Henna possesses anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can battle some common causes of dandruff while soothing and conditioning the scalp naturally.


Tip: Mix henna powder with yogurt to create a treatment that can help minimize scalp flaking. Apply to roots and allow mixture to set for 20-30 minutes. Follow with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner before finishing off your summer style.


Stay Strong & Shine On:

Historically, henna has proven to strengthen hair and help prevent breakage. It contains a compound lawsone, which binds to keratin already present in the hair, thus reinforcing the follicle. This natural fortification can serve as a chemical-free shield to help fare the elements that come with an active summer.


Tip: Add henna powder to your favorite hot oil treatment for additional strengthening.


Washed-in Warm-up

Henna is most commonly known as a natural hair color and it’s been used successfully for tinting and toning globally for generations. As a natural curly-girl with fine hair, I’m hesitant to chemically color again following past bouts with dyes, so for this summer I’m opting to wash in some warm henna color for a fresh non-permanent seasonal style twist.


Tip: If taking the DIY henna hair color plunge, shop around and buddy up! Great home henna hair coloring options are available, but whichever you choose be sure to consider the following:

1. From cinnamon reds to chocolatey browns, henna can create a variety of tones. Richness and brightness of color can often vary depending on the variety of henna used, setting time, and temperature.

2. Henna colors just about everything — including your skin and clothes. Protect hairline, hands and clothing while applying the henna paste. Create a natural barrier around the face and neck areas with a non-comedogenic balm and enlist your buddy to ensure dye doesn’t drip or spread.