Here’s How To Use The Orange Palette That You Bought This Spring

Blending is your new best friend. It seems as though every eyeshadow palette launch this Spring was either of orange or peach pigments. They look great in the pan and easy to apply when we swatch them onto our skin, but it can be hard to figure out how to incorporate it into your everyday look. Orange is not a subtle color.

It turns out that the best way to experiment with this bolder eyeshadow is to blend it with other warm neutral tones. As your transition color, you want a burgundy or burnt tone to blend with your primary orange to temper it down. In the corner of your eye, you want a lighter halo shade that you can blend to soften the look of the primary color and give it a pop. Another option when applying your orange eyeshadow is to mix it with other pigments such as a rose-gold that can soften an orange that is too harsh for your desired look.

Here’s a tutorial from Kamie Crawford that we love: