Glossier Lipgloss Is Making A Major Comeback

But the teasers are almost just as dreamy.Leave it to Glossier to make us lust over the most simple of products that get the job done. The Glossier lip gloss is making a comeback, and we’re all eyes. The brand started teasing the release two days ago with close portrait lip shots which are as gloss-porn as it gets. The gloss itself is thick without being sticky and plumps the lips because of its full shine gloss. The formula also contains Vitamin E to keep the lips soft and hydrated. But otherwise, the return of this gloss is on-trend and will make the perfect accompaniment to your favorite lipstick that needs amping up on a girl’s night.

We’re obviously going to buy, but let’s head back to the teaser photos which undeniably take the cake of this rerelease:

Even chip crumbs won’t stick 😗 Lip Gloss is back on @glossier dot com/reps/summer 📲

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First off, never has gloss looked so sensual as it did eating a chip. Go off, Glossier.

Is it just me or are lip chains suddenly a very real thing that need to happen right now?

Lazy eye strikes again ⚡️taken by one of my faves @anairam10 💓

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I wish my lip gloss could be overshadowed my flawless smize.