Glitter Freckles Are The Cutest Way To Recreate The Fake Freckle Trend

Put down the eyeliner. 

Drop the eyeliner and pick up the glitter this season for your faux freckle attempts. The glitter freckle trend is still kicking, and honestly a lot cute than its brown eyeliner twin. Glitter freckles have been perfected and refined to look great with not only festival looks, but everyday looks alike. The beauty scene has developed glitter freckle techniques and tools that complete the look without much fuss.

Shimmery Freckles

Light and small glitter is the perfect way to rock the glitter freckles in a softer way. A single color, gold or silver, completes the carefree shimmer.

Chunky Glitter

Chunkier glitter catch more light and reflective light which adds more glow to the face. You can use different colors of chunky glitter to contrast or compliment your makeup.

Star Freckles

The star freckles can be of any size or color, but the smaller the stars then, the easier they will be to hold to your face.


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