Glam Gourmet: Beautifying Foods

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Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy.  This week, make-up and hair expert Dre Brown shares her spring beauty survival kit.


Hey there, beauties! You’ve come to know me for perusing drug store aisles for the best in beauty bargains, but this week I hit the grocery store for the mother load of beautifying vittles. Check out the below before your next trip to the market, and be sure to pick up some of these skin, hair, and body boosting foods that can help you look your best from the inside out! I call these beautifying foods:

Manganese Me, Please!


Nutrition experts offer that foods high in the mineral Manganese are great for excellent exterior upkeep. As a vital “co-factor” with the enzyme prolidase, Manganese plays a big part in the body’s production of collagen needed for healthy, vibrant skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant which helps protect against the harmful effects of free radicals which can attack and damage cells in the skin and throughout the body. Manganese is also believed to be a metabolic booster, which can support maintaining a healthy weight and fit body.

Munch on some of these for a healthy hit of manganese:
– mussels

– hazelnuts

– chia seeds

– kale


Beta Carotene Dreams


Wanna stop traffic with glowing skin and bright eyes? Add a carrot a day to your beauty regime. Carrots and many other natural foods are rich in beta carotene. Known to be a driver of retinol production in the body, this super nutrient can support eye clarity and complexion health. It’s also a hardworking antioxidant fighting UV light damage to the skin as well as boosting radiance for a healthier-appearing tone.

If you don’t fancy carrots, worry not! Other beta carotene beautifiers include:

– sweet potatoes

– cantaloupe

– collard greens

– squash


The “Skinny” on Fatty Acids


When it comes to beauty foods, it pays to chase the fat — Omega 3 Fatty Acid that is! This group of  mega nourishing agents don’t occur naturally in the body, so are diet must-haves. The 3 types (ALA, DHA, EPA) can be your beauty besties with powerful benefits to hair and skin. Aside from promoting cell membrane health throughout the body, which supports nutrient absorption and defense from toxins, some experts believe fatty acids also support anti-aging by helping to fight inflammation. This protective property of fatty acids also helps in clearing conditions like psoriasis and acne.

Pump your body full of these fab fats with some of these tasty options:

– salmon

– flax seeds

– tofu

– walnuts