The It-Girl Behind Glossier’s Cloud Paint On Overcoming Her Insecurities

Models, they’re just like us. 

If you’re a Glossier fan (Super Bounce me, please) then by now you’ve seen and wondered about their new model with a head full of curls and a laugh so photogenic that it honestly isn’t even fair. Mekdes Mersha (@mekdesmersha) is a clinical research coordinator at Mount Sinai during the day but also moonlights as Glossier’s It-Girl for their ad campaigns.

The Glossier brand is the current epitome of cool girls who you can sit with and ask about their easy three-product makeup routine, which is all it takes to make their skin flawless. This collaboration couldn’t be more fitting as Mersha’s skin is a glowy delight and her social life is the height of #goals with her creative director boyfriend @joshuakissi and a popular set of peers from @gypsybruja to @lovefola. But the model has her own set of insecurities and personal growth to share:

On her teeth and adult braces:

“Most of my life I hated my smile. I had gaps in between just about every tooth and used to cover my mouth everytime I laughed–sometimes I still catch myself doing it out of habit. But I’m learning to embrace all of the parts of me that needed loving over the years.

On her hair and going natural:

“I had a relaxer pretty much all my life. The last one that I got was so painful that I was crying, I’ll never forget that pain. So it just wasn’t worth it for me anymore. And I started seeing more stuff online about going natural and I just decided to do it for myself. I cut all my hair off, so it was probably like one inch, like a little baby ‘fro.”, as told to ITG.

On her exercise journey and 5k marathons:

“If I could rewind time and talk to high school me, I would crack the hell up at the thought of ever being in a fitness shoot or fitness anything. “College me” would have rolled her eyes and went back to inhaling Kouign Amanns (a Breton cake). So I’m pretty proud of myself.”

On her makeup must-haves:

“I use the haloscope topaz from Glossier on a daily basis. It’s a must-have for me, all of the Glossier products really. I used to use MUFE but I completely switched to skin-tint and the stretch concealer.”




Photo courtesy of the brand