Freaking Out: This Video Of All The Hairstyles Black Women Can Do Is Everything

And she used an $8 product to achieve them all. 

Asiyami Wekulom is the art director and model behind the Instagram account of Asiyami Gold. The perfectly curated feed features fresh coconuts, breakfasts served at the foot of the ocean and the most recent hair video from Wekulom, which is a stunning representation of Black magic.

The hair video was produced in partnership with Pantene’s Gold Series Collection, a drugstore of products that perfectly fit our budget. Score! In the video, Wekulom uses Pantene’s Leave-On Detangling Conditioner to add some hold to her weave from Heat Free Hair to curl and manipulate the style. We see Wekulom’s natural tapered cut and the eight other ways that she can style her wig. This gives us serious inspiration for hairstyles that we want to try this summer.

The video from Asiyami Gold’s Instagram: