Forever 21 Rips Off Jewelry Brand Sorelle’s Designs

Back at it again. Forever 21 has gained a reputation for copying the designs of niche brands. Their last offense was a logo that resembled that of the skate mag, Thrasher. This time, they’ve nailed their teeth into the New York-based jewelry brand, Sorelle NYC, which is finding a consumer base for its statement pieces with a classic design.

Sorelle posted two side-by-side comparisons on Sunday comparing its Anja earring, retailing for $129, with the Matchstick Drop earring from Forever 21, retailing at $6 online. Francesca Grosso, the designer behind the rising Brooklyn jewelry brand, captioned the post with an emotionally cryptic remark, “Happy to inspire @forever21″ alongside a thumbs-up emoji. The design of both earrings bears a resemblance with a single pearl suspended between a vertical bar and dangling hoops.

The similarity becomes even more apparent because the Anja is one of Sorelle’s most popular designs. The piece received coverage last summer in publications like Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, Teen Vogue, and Fader as the minimal jewelry brand to be seen wearing alongside a simple t-shirt and denim shorts. ” The single earring trend is going strong. If you haven’t yet embraced the style, look no further than Sorelle for minimalist-approved statement pieces that have been flooding our feeds,” as reported by Refinery29.

It’s likely that Sorelle will not go on to sue Forever21, and will depend on brand loyalty to keep their pieces afloat. Admirers of the brand took to Sorelle’s Instagram to show support. The overarching message seemed to be, you are not alone, and we will continue to stand by you.

Happy to inspire, part 2. @forever21

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