Eye Appeal: How to Get the Perfect Arch

Credit: Shutterstock

Achieving a well-groomed arch is all about precision, balance and symmetry, shares beauty expert Deidre Brown of Signature Brow Cosmetics. The Georgia-based aesthetician reveals her secrets on how to create a flawless set of eyebrows.

Get Picture Perfect

“The eyebrow trend today is a fuller, more natural look that frames the face,” Brown says. “Avoid high arches and overly sculpted brows or else you will lose the proper brow proportion that results in an ideal shape.”

Cut to the Trace

“Use a white pencil to highlight unruly hairs so you don’t tweeze too much,” she advises. When shaping the brow, follow this three-line method, adds Brown:

1. First line: Measure along the side of the nose and inner corner of the eye, upward. (Note: This is where the eyebrow should begin.)

2. Second line: Measure along the outer corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. (Note: This is where the eyebrow should end.)

3. Third line: Go from the outer circle of the iris of the eye, upward. (Note: Look straight forward to determine this line. This is where the highest part of the arch would be.)

Rub it In

“If your brows have become non-existent, massage in vitamin E, jojoba or tea tree oils nightly for 1-2 minutes,” shares the beautician. “The oils stimulate your follicles and help hair to grow back. My clients usually see results after four to six weeks.”

Use a Sharp Stylist

“Many women love the precision of a razor, but often cut themselves. It’s safer to go to a professional,” explains Brown, who suggests that thin brows be maintained every three to four weeks and every two weeks for thicker brows.

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