Everything You Need to Know About the Inclusive Makeup Brand Making A Bold Statement at Sephora

Made just for brown girls.

The founder of the new beauty brand at Sephora, Stellar, has such a bad ass story that it makes us want to buy the makeup just from hearing about her. Monika Deol was born in India and raised in Canada where she eventually went to college to pursue law school but ended up deviating from her initial plan to become a DJ at local clubs. “That’s where my heart was at the time– in music,” Deol told beauty editors at Condé Nast.

Deol, now a TV personality in Canada, discovered the beauty brand through curiosity. As every nasty woman would do, she took it up upon herself to chart the shades of every foundation and coverage product that was sold at Sephora. She found out that the distribution was saturated at the light end and dark end of the spectrum, but makeup for middle skin tones was being neglected. Stellar focuses on providing for this niche brand of middle tone makeup in concealer ($27), powder ($30), and foundation ($38) at a competitive price point.

There are also products that would work for all skin tones including the satin finish lipsticks, Infinite in 14 shades as well as metallic finish lipsticks, Metallic Moon, sold in five shades. We can’t wait to hear more from this brand.

Photo courtesy of the brand.