The Enavee: The Condom On A Beauty Blender Hack Was Actually Created

Wait, but it works really well. 

Do you remember when beauty vloggers were ripping open Magnum condoms, putting them on their beauty blenders as a beauty hack, and pissing off the men of the Internet? Well, it was manufactured. Ena Vehabovic, the former Miss Canada finalist, is setting out to produce a beauty applicator that beats out the BeautyBlender and SiliSponge regarding performance as well as hygiene.

The Enavee is a makeup applicator made with soft silicone that has the same bounce that we feel in a sponge but easier to clean and use our products sparingly. The Enavee which looks like the BeautyBlender also adds one design feature that makes it simpler to hold. The makeup blender also has pinchable handles that give you a solid grip while you dab your foundation and also ensures that the oils on your fingertips never goes to your face. Here’s a video of how it compares in action:

The only catch? It isn’t being manufactured for the general public, yet. Vehabovic recently posted a Kickstarter campaign to raise $22,418 to get her invention into production. So far, she’s raised $3,766. If you donate $19, you’ll receive the Enavee by June.