Drugstore Diaries: Lash Logic

Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy.  This week, make-up and hair expert Dre Brown shares her favorite tips for creating mastering false eyelashes.


Though I am a naturalista when it comes to the hair on my head, my eyes love a good “weave” — false lashes, that is.  As a makeup artist, getting to love lashes was almost a rite of passage. These eye-amplifying tools help create intensely striking natural and dramatic looks within seconds.

And, in recent years there’s been a resurgence of affinity for false lashes amongst everyday women. From salon-installed individual extensions to easy strip lashes one can pop on at home, ladies are lining up for more “bat-worthy” eyes. In the spirit of this love of lushness, I’ve compiled a few of my go-to tips and products for falsie fabulousness. Enjoy!

Strip Tease:
Don’t be fooled, all strip lashes are not created equal. When choosing a falsie strip, consider the following to ensure the most natural blend with your own lashes, whether you’re going for simplicity or diva drama:

1. Band width: Assessing the band thickness of a strip lash is a bit of a science. The lighter in weight and thinner the strip band, the more seamlessly a falsie will adhere to the natural lash line. When shopping for falsies, look closely to compare the band widths of different brands before choosing your style.

2. Flare & taper: Eyes set close together? Smaller eyelids? Consider these questions when selecting and tailoring your strip selection. Varieties with flare toward the outer ends offer a distancing effect for closely set eyes, while options that taper in length toward the tear duct end are ideal for tighter eyes or smaller lids by offering more of an “open” eye appearance.

Product pick: Red Cherry Natural False Strip Lashes ($2 to $3/pair, various online retailers)

red cherry 3
With a variety of styles available from basic to bedazzled, these high-quality options boast natural fibers at reasonable prices. Search various retailers online to find these gems, most available in bulk for the avid “lasher.”

Glue Truth:
Where many falsie fans meet most frustration is in the adhesive department. Things can get messy (and sometimes scary) if lash bonder isn’t properly chosen and applied. Some tips for graceful gluing include:

1. Ensure your choice of glue gets tacky quickly upon application to the lash. This will help the bond to set faster and not slip or slide around once the strip is on your eye.

2. Less is MORE: Avoid using too much glue. Try applying a small dot at the center and each end of the lash strip, then spread across the band for full coverage. This technique will help keep just enough on the band to set the lash and little will be left to drip or spread onto the eyelid or into the eye.

3. Depending on the shade of the lash hair, consider a glue tinted to match the falsie you’re applying.

Product Pick: Kiss iENVY 16-hour Strip Lash Adhesive – Jet Black ($3, most beauty supply stores)

16 hour
My official new fave lash bonder, this long-lasting, waterproof glue dries and sets quickly with a rich black tint that leaves no residue.

YOUR TURN: What’s your favorite lash product? Let us know in the comments!