Drugstore Diaries: DIY Pedicure Tips

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Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy.  This week, make-up and hair expert Dre Brown shares her favorite tips for mastering a DIY pedicure.


As a hopeless creative, I hear those sweet three letters “D.I.Y” and just melt!

Whether it’s around the house or as part of my never-ending beauty journey, I’m all for diving into doing it yourself! This summer, I chose to be kinder to my beauty budget by cutting out salon visits in exchange for home pedicures.

With a treasure trove of resources for foot fancying at your nearest drugstore, taking on the challenge of smoothing, softening, and sassing up your soles can be fun and frugally fab.

Here are some tips and tools to get your home pedi quest started. Enjoy!


Unless you’re taking long walks on the beach daily this season to take advantage of nature’s exfoliation, you’ll probably need to freshen up rough heels and toes for a smooth debut in your latest sandal shopping find. Invest in a home buffing tool for occasional removal of tough dead skin. Aside from saving some coins on in-salon treatments for calluses and corns, arming yourself may help avoid common salon concerns with sanitation and safety of pedicure implements.

Tip & Tool: Give your puppies a warm foot bath infused with essential oil prior to drying and buffing dead skin on the feet. This will help to soften and soothe rough areas for easier removal. The TRIM Neat Feet Portable Pedicure System ($12, offers multiple interchangeable attachments for optimal foot smoothing.

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After a good soak and scrub, give yourself some heel-to-toe love and moisture. No one knows just where pressure is most needed on your feet better than YOU! So take time to deeply massage your feet with an emollient foot salve designed to keep moisture in to help fight cracking and callus development.

Tip & Tool: Essie Feet In The Clouds Leg & Foot Creme ($11, Target stores) offers rich moisture and daily exfoliation for quick and effective maintenance of your home pedicure. Use as part of your pedicure process and follow application with a warm towel foot wrap for increased absorption.

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There is no better way to show off your D.I.Y. skill than with a one-of-a-kind work of art! Go beyond passe polish-only customary with home nail care and pump up your pedi with dots, designs, glitter, and more. Not a pedi Picasso? Worry not! Try out some of the many available nail art tools created for ultimate user-friendliness.

Tip & Tool: Apply and completely dry a base coat of color as your canvas and practice your design idea once on scrap paper before trying it out on your toenails. Make designing as easy as signing your name with Sally Hansen’s “I Heart Nail Art” Pens ($6, Create shapes, lines, words, and more with these easy to use tools. Water-based paint wipes away clean in case of mistakes and sets completely when covered in clear topcoat.

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