The D.I.Y. Cheat Sheet You’ll Need To Naturally Cure Acne With These Powerful Oils

It’s always cuter to make it on your own. 

Relationship status with oil: it’s complicated. Oil is like that ex-boyfriend that keeps coming back no matter how many times I block or avoid him. Except unlike my exes, oil has proven itself to have long term benefits for skin such as being a natural serum to reduce signs of aging and the ability to retain moisture, but no one intentionally goes for the greasy straight-out-of-the-sauna look.

So, when oil cleansing came onto the scene, there was resistance. Beauty loyalists raised on salicylic acids only knew cleanliness as the botox-tight feeling of stripped skin. Oil cleansing was a hard sell, and no one would be fooled.  After all, it seemed counterintuitive to use more of the very thing you’re avoiding like the plague. We resisted, eventually tested the oils, and ultimately conceded to the lifestyle of oil cleansers once we saw the undeniable results.

Here are four oils that will treat your acne and problematic skin to reveal a flawless complexion:


Argan Oil

The unsaturated fatty acids in Argan oil are pretty much the restoration check that your skin needs to regulate the natural oils in your skin, which is the source of your acne. This is one to use when you start feeling an imbalance in your skin because of change of weather.

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Jojoba is the bully that knocks out the bacteria (P.Acnes) that cause your acne. This yellow liquidy goodness works as a fungicide that seeps into your pores to knock out all the junk clogging your precious pores. I think all acne-slayers can admit this is cool.

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Grapeseed Oil

Linoleic acid is the key in grapeseed oil; they’re the two friends that you always want to call up to hang out because it’ll be double the fun. Lineolic acid supports the protein in your skin for elasticity and also puts a stop to any hopeful bacteria trying to invade your pores.

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Tea Tree Oil

This oil is nature’s stringent. It’s an antimicrobial that is so effective that it also treats athlete’s foot. You’ll want to dilute the oil with adequate amounts of water or add a couple of drops to your facial toner otherwise it will sting, really badly.

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An introduction to the oil that you’ll want to use when your acne has cleared up. The antibacterial and antioxidant-rich qualities of this oil will be a blessing to your acne scarring. It is also rich in fatty acids which we’ve learned by now will naturally restore your skin.

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Photos courtesy of Glossier.