Colourpop’s New Collection Is Literally Made of All The Colors Of The Sunset

Okay, maybe not literally, but it is gorgeous. 

The only way to improve the eyeshadow peach trend would’ve been to give us all of its adjacent hues. As ColourPop tends to do, they’ve heard our secret desires and released the Sunset Collection at an always affordable cost. This means that we can safely brainstorm our summer looks (festival-style) without feeling too constrained in one shade. Plus, was anyone else hitting a stalemate with only styling for orange eyeshadow? Yeah, me too.

This collection from Colourpop features six Pressed Powder Shadows that are full of pigment and bright, bold colors of all your favorite Starburst flavors (this explains the three pinks).  There are also three vivid Super Shock Shadows which are more buttery to the touch and dry on the lids with a creamy finish.

The Super Shock Shadow all have friskier names for a bolder finish including Tankini, Kelp Me, and Hot Totty. The Pressed Powder shadows, the more everyday shades, have leisurely names like Tiki, Best Coast Scenario, Oh Ship, Sandbar, For Shore, and Seas the Day. The ColourPop Sunset Collection, unlike most makeup releases, is available right now for $5 (Thank you, Colourpop!) each at