ColourPop Is Launching Setting Sprays That May Change Your Luck With Your Skin

A limited-edition line is launching tomorrow!

ColourPop, a brand known for its bright lipglosses and eyeshadow pots, is focusing on skin products such as primer and setting spray for the first time. On top of that, the formulas will include crystals, a seriously trendy item in wellness. The Crushed Crystal Collection is a limited-edition line infused with rose quartz, amethyst crystal, aventurine and aquamarine. In other words, you can now put your favorite crystals ON your face.

The collection will include two setting sprays and two priming sprays. The Crystal Priming Sprays ($6) come in rose quartz, used as the healer and provider for love, and amethyst crystal, which is believed to cure insomnia. The rose quartz priming spray is formulated with apple and grapefruit extract for a kick of hydration and an olive oil-based moisturizer for a dewy finish. The amethyst crystal priming spray, on the other hand, is infused with dragonfruit extract, pomegranate and orange flower extract to even out the texture on the skin, and honey extract to control oil production.

The Crystal Setting Spray ($6) will be available in aventurine, said to bring good fortune, as well as aquamarine, which is treasured for its calming effect. Both setting sprays replenish the skin. The aventurine spray contains cucumber water, coconut water and lemon extract, all of which refresh and hydrate the skin. The lemon extract provides a splash of vitamin C for brightening, and honey extract is also part of the formula to control oil production. The aquamarine spray is formulated with red algae extract and apple extract for hydration with moisture from olive oil.

The brand will also be releasing Crystal Liquid Highlight ($6) that can be worn alone or with foundation, and Crystal Lip Balm ($5), which is similarly formulated with all four crystals. The entire collection drops Wednesday on This one is going to be all OVER Instagram.