You Can Soon Shop K-Beauty Products at CVS And We’re Freaking Out

What is life?Korean Beauty is a mutual obsession for all skincare junkies. From the meticulous routines to the introduction of essences, we all can’t stop testing and trying out products to find the ones that make it to our list of holy grail items. But without many brick-and-mortar stores, we reserve our K-beauty splurges to trips to a local Koreatown or sites like However, this April, more than 100 products will be making their American drugstore debut at CVS pharmacy stores and continuing to fill the beauty aisles of the hometown staple, for the next year. Doesn’t sound like CVS? Well, the deal enlisted talks with Peach & Lily founder, Alicia Yoon, and negotiations that lasted a year before the decision could be finalized.

Yoon was the curator to source seven innovative brands, in addition to her own, that consumers would be able to cling to amongst everyday products like Clarisil and Aveeno. The list includes Elisa Coy’s collection with snail mucin, JJYoung by Caolion Lab products for pores, Ariul EGG Collection face oil and Frudia which has a collection with trending waterless skin care. The products are approachable to the American consumer in packaging and promise, but most importantly, they work. I guess we’ll be taking more trips to CVS this year.

Photo courtesy of the brand.