You Can Be The One To Name Colourpop’s New Product

There is a concealer in the works.

ColourPop may be expanding their collection with a new product. In a recent tweet, the brand teased about the release of a new concealer that got fans excited. Colourpop asked fans what they would name the concealer if it were released with two smirks to go with it.

Colourpop has garnered a reputation as the starlets of vibrant and bold pigments from their matte lipsticks to their eyeliners. And at a considerably lower price compared to most brands, Colourpop provides trending items like a holographic highlighter for only $8. Needless to say, it would be a big deal if Colourpop expanded its collection to skin coverage products like concealer and foundation.

Some ideas for the concealer were Hidden Agenda, ColourSeal, and Pop Concealer, but the fan-favorite was CoverPop.

Nothing is promised yet, but it looks like we could be hearing some news about a new product soon from the loveable brand. Perhaps it’ll even have a fan-chosen name. Go tweet now while you still have a chance to name it!