You Can Now Inject Your Face Mask And The Process Only Takes Fifteen Minutes

And Why It’s Big In Korea.

We’ve all used sheet masks at this point: you rip the packaging, take out the mask, and wait. But face injection masks are their more elaborate and involved cousin which are very popular in Korea. The face mask works in several parts: you rip off the syringe, shake it, open the nozzle to your face mask, and inject the ingredients from the syringe into the package. Once everything is mixed, you should take out the mask and place it on your skin. Peel off the film layer.

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The syringe of the face mask includes three anti-aging and hydrating ingredients: glycerin, adenosine, and beta-glucan. The formula is intensely rich which makes the sheet mask more saturated than usual. You may have trouble keeping the mask on your face because of how much serum is applied, but you will find your skin feeling incredibly hydrated once it is removed.A layer of the product will be left on your skin after removal which will provide a protective layer to keep hydration trapped in your skin. As much as we like the idea of more serum for our buck, we can’t decide if the payoff versus the effort it takes to put together the mask is worth it for daily application.