Blackheads Removal Product That Doesn’t Require Any Waiting or Peeling

We’re so over blackhead strips. 

There is nothing cute about sitting around with a nose pore strip for twenty minutes to remove your blackheads. It doesn’t feel comfortable, it hurts to pull off, and most strips can’t be used for other parts of your face. As satisfying as it is to see the actual junk that was claiming the grounds of your pores, it isn’t worth how aggressive they can be to take off. If I didn’t suffer the pain of waxing enough on a monthly basis, then I would consider being less picky.

The BHA Blackhead Power Liquid has been the angel in a jar that I’ve been dying to use on my face for awhile, but I only took the plunge to do so after their partnership with Charlotte Cho from SokoGlam. I might be petty for waiting for an influencer to cosign their quality before testing their products, but I’m glad that I finally checked it out.

The product from COSRX is a liquid exfoliator with BHAs that naturally melt away the debris in your pores to ultimately tighten and clarify your complexion. You only need to use the product twice or three times a week as you would with your favorite mask. This product has serious staying power on my top shelf as it has removed blackheads, brightened my skin, and improved the overall texture of my face.