The BEST Products Under $10 From Maybelline That You Won’t Look Cheap For Using

Everyone uses and loves these products.

Maybelline is one of those drugstore brands that have such strong performance power that no one will shame you for using their affordable products. The makeup brands that you ‘rep can seriously make or break your beauty clout. The more effective, the more bragworthy. You could get away with using only Maybelline products and look just as flawless as the high-end girl. Plus everyone has at least one Maybelline product that is in their stable of reliable products. Here are our personal favorites of their makeup collection:


Maybelline Matte SuperStay Ink

These new matte liquid lipstick formula actually stay for the full 12 hours as promised. No matter how much you eat, drink, or laugh, these lipsticks are not moving or cracking. The consistency is thick and creamy going on like a gloss and drying matte., $7.99

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