Beauty School: Banish Adult Acne

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Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy. This week, makeup artist, beauty expert and former pageant gal Nicole L. Townsend teaches us how to rid your skin of acne.

Nicole Townsend

I get it. You’re not sixteen anymore, and you don’t have to worry about who’s the most popular in your biology class. Yet, pesky pimples still pop up, or worse – you suffer from adult acne.

The good news is that there are tons of products on the market that can minimize your hormonal spasms, but the bad news is that it takes a little time, patience and consistency to achieve a clearer complexion. Separating the fluff from the stuff that actually works can be time consuming, economically exhausting and downright intimidating, but these tips and product recommendations will surely steer you in the right direction.

1. Don’t Believe the Hype

Not all acne medication is created equally. About 85 percent of over-the-counter products have “miracle” assertions that a particular product will not only clear up your acne in 8 hours, but some may also claim that the product will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than a baby’s bottom. Not true.

Instead of focusing on a quick fix, take some time and do a bit a research. Look for active ingredients on the packaging label (salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or alpha hydroxyl) that serve to treat your breakout, and you’ll know you’re on the right track. Most brands only contain 2 percent of an active ingredient, so if you need more, it’s best to consult a dermatologist.

2. Hands Off

I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t panic if I woke up with a huge zit on my face, and usually my first response is to kill it, and by “kill” it, I mean pop it. Don’t.

Some beauty experts will advise you that there is a correct way to pop a pimple, but there simply isn’t. The amount of germs that breed on our hands is beyond the moon, so you’d actively spread bacteria to other areas of your face. Not to mention the hyperpigmentation that post-acne leaves behind – not pretty.

3. Have A Beauty Day

Regular facials are great, especially if you find an aesthetician who understands your concerns and works overtime with you to achieve your skincare goals. Not to mention, they are trained professionals who understand how the skin works and should be cared for.

Some will advise that oilier skin types should limit vigorous scrub usage twice weekly. Otherwise, you’ll be stripping your skin of its natural oils, which can cause dehydration and connect- the- dot dry patches, which can also be associated with breakouts.

4. Doc Knows Best

There might be something going on inside of your body that you may not be aware, so seeking-out a professional to guide you is always a great option. The foods we eat, the lack of exercise we engage in, stress, using the wrong product or even being in a bad mood all play a significant role in the state of our skin.

Plus, there are some skincare brands that are only accessible with a prescription from your doctor, so having your skin examined regularly for irregularities like moles, rashes and other irritants are essential for maintaining healthy skin. The American Academy of Dermatology is a great source for finding a reputable dermatologist in your area. Visit

5. Get Your H2O On

Most people don’t like to drink the recommended eight glasses of water daily. However, research shows that consuming water frequently not only cleanses toxins from your body, but it also gives your skin a natural dewy finish that even the most expensive skincare, foundations or cosmetic procedures can’t provide.

While there are no studies that prove that consuming more water will clear your complexion, I doubt your dermatologist will tell you to stop drinking it. Get creative and add fresh lemon or cucumbers to make your taste buds and skin cheer.

6. Patience Is A Virtue

I truly believe that achieving healthy skin is a lifestyle. No, you don’t have to spend billions of dollars to have a rock star complexion, but you do have to be consistent and patient. Normally, most products are furnished for 30 days – allowing the skin to react and properly adjust to the most active ingredients in the product.

If your regimen agrees with you, on average, noticeable skin improvements will appear within four to six weeks.  And remember, most cosmetic brands stand behind their products, guaranteeing them up to 100 percent, so if you’re unhappy, return and try again. And if you happen to run into the obnoxious boy or gal from your biology class in junior high, tell them I said hello.

What are some of your favorite products to keep breakouts in check?