How To Challenge Politics With Your Beauty Routine

Photo Courtesy of @kail_soul

So, we can all agree the world is threatening to go up in flames.

This can cause feelings of dread, anxiety, and overall paranoia. A.k.a, there is nothing casual about the current state of politics in America. Many of us are facing, for the first time, the absence of a chill button for issues that impact privileges which we forgot that we had. The stress can lead to thinning hair, bad acne, dark circles, more visible scarring, fights with our significant other late into the night causing eyes bags (it was his fault), and some other notable beauty no-nos. It’s tempting to just recoil from responsibilities and settle into a warm bed to never come out again, but there has never been a more necessary time to remain present. Your voice and visibility are needed.

Enter, the perfected beauty routine. A beauty routine might be the last step missing from the end of your day to meditate, reduce stress, and find time to focus on goals for the upcoming day (or mumble curses to everyone who shoulder-checked you in the subway while you get cute AF). Here is the beauty routine that is currently giving me life, adapted from the traditional Korean 10 Step Skincare Routine:

1. Double Cleanse: I take a fresh hot face towel and bring it to my face without any product on it to open up my pores (while looking up at Jesus for answers). I take a small mixture of Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Tamanu Oil, and Tea Tree oil to massage into my face for five minutes. I steam my face once more with a warm towel to remove all of the oil and residues lifted from my pores. Why clean once when you can clean twice? I wash my face with a Rice Bran Exfoliating Foam Cleanser which picks up any dirt that I missed with the oil cleanse.

2. Toner: After I’ve washed away all of the shade and prejudice threw at me from a long day of fighting on the front lines of resistance, I prep my skin for moisture using The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Toner. Enriched with pure green tea ferment extract and a drop of Tea Tree Oil it acts as an astringent on any blemishes. I use a damp cotton ball to apply it to my face lightly.

3. Serum: If I don’t have time to use essence, which is often the case, then I skip right to this step with my Jeju Volcanic Lava Serum from The Face Shop. The formula is pore-refining and uses volcanic ash from the Jeju Islands to control shine and tighten pores.

4. Eye Cream: We all know black doesn’t crack, but in case it decides to, I’m preparing for battle with Ferment Snail Eye Cream from Tony Moly. You too can have five-month-old snails on your skin. The cream uses gold snail filtrate to provide moisture and restore elasticity in the eye area.

5. Moisturizer: Once I get the weird products train started, I just go straight to town with it and finish off with Goat Milk Premium Moisture Cream from Tony Moly. This cream uses fresh goat milk extract from New Zealand to moisturize the skin by protecting the hydration from steps 1-4 with a thick barrier.

6. Sunscreen: When I’ve reached the close-to-a-newborn soft skin, I seal the moisture on my face with The Face Shop’s Natural Sun Eco Oil Clear Suncream. Hyper-pigmentation is constantly metaphorically subtweeting me– don’t forget you had acne, girl—and sunscreen is the only way I can ensure to prevent the scars from darkening any further.