PRODUCT REVIEW: Valia Skincare

Credit: Thinkstock

Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy. This week, beauty expert and former pageant gal Nicole L. Townsend  shares her review of Valia Skincare.

Ask any of my best gal pals, and they’ll tell you that I’m usually the cosmetics and skincare guinea pig in the group. And while I live for red lipstick and Orgasm blush from NARS, you’ll always hear me preaching to the choir about the importance of skincare, because trust me, honey, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps. Call it luck or whatever else you wish, but I haven’t had a “mishap” since I started using Valia Skincare, and I don’t plan on messing up this groove anytime soon.

Inspired by Japanese remedies that focus on healing the skin from the inside out, Valia Skincare can easily get lost in the shuffle of product selection. For one, the packaging is super modest with zero bling or eye-catching colors. I am certainly guilty of falling for the flashy marketing strategies that beauty brands shove down our throats, but I’ve learned that some of the best products come in simplistic and understating packaging.

The trial kit contains a Purifying Wash ($34), Cleansing Milk ($35), Hydrating Crème ($47) and the “Bloom” Dietary Supplement ($48-sold separately). I started with the Purifying Wash and skipped the Cleansing Milk  – (without reading the instructions, ‘cause that’s how I roll) and learned that it was so not my jam. But before I tossed another product into the “hell no” pile, I broke out the manual and learned that it’s best to use both the milk and purifying wash together. Ah, cue Jill Scott’s “Golden” – my skin started to look and feel amazing. I’m a sucker for lightweight moisturizers, because my skin’s a bit oily, so the Hydrating Crème felt good on my skin, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough hydration, so I just added another moisturizer to the mix.

I started taking the Bloom Dietary Supplement,  and let me tell you, the experience is like closing your eyes, clicking your heels three times and waking up to a new face. So what’s in this stuff you ask? For starters, Omega-7, which is the Beyoncé ingredient of skincare. Also, Sea Buckthorn, (look it up) antioxidants and stress-reducing compounds.

One a scale from 1 – 10, I would give the Valia Skincare System a solid 8. Clearly I’m a huge fan of supplements, because no matter how many products I try, or how much I love a products packaging, I do believe that true beauty comes from within. My girlfriends will tell you: “A little supplement to jumpstart your regimen ain’t never hurt nobody.”

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