This Beauty Guru Waxed Off Her Edges…On Purpose!

No girl! Don’t do it. 

Beauty guru and founder, Farah Dhukai, is the go-to source for every DIY beauty routine. She has also released the Unicorn Essence serum, an antioxidant that primes the skin, which started the technique of applying the product on your skin through a dropper. Dhukai’s newest tutorial was waxing her baby hairs with granulated sugar. “Perfect hairline equals extra AF, but if you’re gorilla hairy like I am then your hairiness ends up taking over your entire life,” she mentions in the Instagram caption.

The beauty guru mixes sugar, sea salt, lemon juice, and water in a bowl that she heats up in the microwave for six minutes. She combs out her sought-after baby hairs then applies the hot sugar mixture to their hair to shave it off. “My baby hairs have taken over my forehead, and because there’s so much hair, it gives the illusion that my face shape is a pear,” Dhukai continues.

Once she has shaved off her baby hairs (she could not be anymore anti-gel) she uses Toppix hair dye spray to fill in any gaps of the hairline. Think eyebrow filling, but for your hairline.  “I change my face shape from looking like a pear to an oval, just by fixing my hairline.”  For all of us who have always dreamt of gelling down cute baby hairs, this was a total nightmare. But it looks like Dhukai has followers that will be following the hack for their hair line woes. What do you think?

CHANGE YOUR FACE SHAPE with the PERFECT HAIRLINE! Perfect hairline = extra AF ..but if ur gorilla hairy like i am, your hairyness ends up taking over ur entire life!! my baby hairs have taken over my forehead and because theres so much hair, it gives the illusion that my face shape is a pear – i CHANGE MY FACESHAPE from looking like a pear to an oval, just by fixing my hairline! This is a simple natural wax recipe that is super inexpensive to make, lasts forever and can be used TWO ways. Option #1 you can use it as a liquid consistency with a muslin cloth like “traditional wax” OR Option #2 you can let the wax cool a little and use it with NO STRIPS (this is the way I use it cuz its quicker and easier and I like easy) To make the wax: ✅1 cup granulated sugar ✅1 tsp sea salt ✅2 tbsp lemon juice (or vinegar) ✅2 tbsp water mix heat in microwave for a total of 6 mins, but stop every 1 min to stir (it should be the colour of maple syrup once its done) tip: i use pyrex bowls and i always use a bowl bigger than what i need cuz this boils and rises up pretty fast/high ❄️let it cool and then use as #1 or #2 Steps for the perfect hairline 1 tie your hair into a tight pony 2 brush the hair you want to remove forward – trim the long ones with scissors cuz long hair + wax = oh no baby what is you doing 3 apply cornstarch so it doesnt hurt as bad 4 hold your hair back and apply wax to hair you want gone 5 bye unwanted hair – i dont wax the baby hairs in the middle cuz I like it lookin natural If you want the most perfect hairline on earth that makes ur hair look super thick and full use toppix to fill in the gaps. These are tiny little fibres that look like hair!! Perfect for little bald spots too! Looks way more natural than filling in with eyeshadow. You can get this at sallys beauty supply. (cover your face while spraying these on! – use a shield, ur finger, anything u find) Hairspray to lock them in place and BOOM your hairline will look perfect and your hair will look SO thickkkkkkkkkkk and full ❤ Tag a hairy friend you’d wax with Disclaimer: test patch 1st

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