This Beautician Reminds Us That All Skin Tones Are Beautiful

You never know what you’ll find on your Instagram feed. 

Kat Bahadur is a licensed beautician who took to Instagram to paint her face with six shades of black skin tones. In under eight hours, the post gathered over 20k likes and started a conversation on black-face and skin tone appreciation. Bahadur captioned the post, “God, if you gave me any shade, I’d rock it! Beauty in colors”.

The beautician acquired an audience who was inspired by the look and found it to be a positive affirmation of their own skin tones as well as inspiring unity amongst black people and their various tones. This strikes a nerve as colorism, the discrimination of people based on skin color or tone has been a debate in the black community since coined by the writer, Alice Walker, in 1982. In the black community and many other cultures, the lighter you are, the more attractive and valuable you are perceived to be by your peers.

As Bahadur is naturally of a lighter skin tone, there was a conversation started which accused her of black face. A comment wrote, “I’m all for this. I think this is really pretty, but why is it that when a black person does this it’s creative and beautiful but if a white person wears a shade different than their own skin color it’s considered black face and racist?”, to which Bahadur responded, “I think people need to just love. It doesn’t matter what color you are as long as you love. So, if a white person chooses to do something like this then I wouldn’t see it as ” blackface ” because it’s not to make fun of someone and it’s not hurting anyone’s feelings. But everyone has their own opinion and everyone has to deal with their own opinion. The world will take something good to make it bad, it’s up to you to choose how you see it”.