The Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Is a Must-Have For Highlighting Pros

We’re all familiar with Anastasia’s infamous “Moonchild” glow kit. It single-handedly set off the purple highlighter trend, and the Beverly Hills-based brand has no intentions of stopping their momentum.

Following-up to everyone’s favorite highlighting kit, they’re now introducing the Aurora Glow Kit. Per usual, ABH’s bold selection of colors aren’t for the faint of heart- in fact, they’re meant to stand out. Ranging from blue to silver, it does make you wonder whether these pigments are functional or all for show.  There is no denying that these kits are photogenic, from the swatches that are bound to make their rounds on Youtube and the Mermaid inspired makeup looks that we’ll be seeing on Instagram. Tbh, we still totally dig it. While the Aurora Glow kit isn’t available yet, it already has some stand-out names like its predecessor, Moonchild.

Orion, Luna, Spectra, Eclipse, Lyra, and Helia come in six square-shaped pans. Available on April 4th, you’ll be able to get your hands on the highly anticipated Glow Kit. While the price hasn’t been announced, we can only guess that it’ll retail around $40 like Moonchild.