The $6 Coconut Water Face Mist That You’ll Want As Your Natural Setting Spray

TJMaxx pulled through.

If you’re looking for a more natural setting spray without the price tag, then you’re not alone. Natural sprays are on every organic conscious makeup lover’s most-wanted list, but they can retail for over $30 per bottle. TJMaxx now sells the dupe for Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus spray from Sephora or Mario Badescu’s facial spray from Ulta Beauty. The pricier sprays have everything good for your skin: coconut water, hibiscus, and Bulgarian rose.  The formulas promise to moisturize and tone the skin which is all good until we hit the checkout.

TJMaxx’s comparable spray at $6 is Pearl Essence’s Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist. The hydrating ingredients in the spray are coconut water, glycerine, aloe, witch hazel and rose water. The spray is almost selling out at with good reason. The packaging is simple and very Instagrammable which makes it perfect to keep on your vanity or pull out to hydrate your skin whenever you need it.

The spray also comes in two other formulas including Cucumber water and Rosewater. Either formula works to set makeup and make your makeup beat or light concealing look more skin-like. The product is almost selling out on the website. The strong scent of coconut does come from a fragrance added in the formula which you should take into consideration before spraying on your face, but otherwise, this is an absolute steal.