The $5 Ointment That You Need For Your Lips

And you can buy it at any drugstore. 

It wasn’t until I needed stitches on my lip from a bike accident that I started seeking out an ointment that would repair and heal everything. My dermatologist, the all-knowing-wizard of skin, suggested Aquaphor during my recovery. You’ve probably seen this brand everywhere, but like me, the clinical packaging dissuaded you from investigating any further as it looks like an ointment for serious skin conditions like rashes or eczema. By the way, that’s completely not the case. Yes, it does heal damaged skin, but it also is your new best friend when it comes to keeping your lips soft and moisturized.

The main ingredient in the formula is petroleum. Petroleum jelly, the overlooked childhood favorite, is actually made up of hydrogen and carbon that keeps dry skin clean allowing it to heal. However, the barrier still allows in moisture and oxygen.There is also lanolin alcohol in Aquaphor that has cholesterol and fatty acids which make the skin smoother. Beauty blogger, Farah Hudaki, uses Aquaphor as a moisturize after she exfoliates to make sure that her lips are provided with moisture after she removes any dead skin.

Here’s a video of her lip routine:

🌟LIGHTEN LIPS + MAKE THEM BIGGER WITHOUT FILLERS! 🍄 🎊Step 1: exfoliate gently everyday – I like to use a soft toothbrush and a mixture of coconut sugar, lemon juice and almond oil (make it into a sand like paste – you can store the leftovers in a sealed container for later) 🔑Step 2: use an oil that will help lighten up dark pigmentation – I used @farsalicare volcanic elixir 🎈Step 3: time to PLUMP and make your lips HUGE! I use 1 drop of cinnamon essential oil and rub it all over my lips. This stuff is extremely plumping and will make your lips look like you have fillers! Expect tingling. A lot of tingling. If you are sensitive then use a tiny lil dust size first to see how you react. 💦Step 4: moisturize the heck out of your lips immediately after – I used #aquaphor The plump lips will last for a few hours, and the other steps I took will lighten your lips over time. *just a little side note- there is absolutely nothing wrong with having darker pigmented lips, it was something that bothered me personally, because as a makeup enthusiast, lip colors never showed up true to color on me, so this is why I continue this routine. PRECAUTIONS: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone’s skin is different, so result can vary from person to person. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

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