5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Man Breasts

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Who am I kidding – society gives a stamp of approval to women who have larger breasts.

Men on the other hand? Not so much. Gynecomastia, or “man boobs” is a nonthreatening enlargement of breast tissue found in males between the ages of 12 – 65.

Lay all of your concerns to rest, check out my list of five interesting facts about man breasts.

1.        Most men who have gynecomastia don’t experience physical complications

While chances of your man’s cleavage catching the eye of another woman are slim, you should feel somewhat relieved that he’s not really suffering in the way you might think.  According to Dr. Karol A. Gutowski, MD — a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at MAE Plastic Surgery  in Northbrook, IL says it’s common for men with breasts to battle with psychological issues such as low self-esteem or paranoia, but rarely physical discomfort. “Rare cases for men with gynecomastia may be an underlying endocrine (hormonal) disorder, medication side effect, or a breast cancer (in older men).”

2.        It’s 2013, and male breast reduction surgery is not considered taboo

Yes, if it was 1852, then maybe we’d have a harder time telling our girlfriends that our guy has a bigger cup size than us.  Dr. Gutowski notes that nowadays, more men are educated about their options. “Many men freely discuss their frustrations with the problem and their satisfaction after treatment. Even for those afraid of surgery, a discussion of treatment options may be worthwhile.”

3.        Male breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure

I get it. No one in their right mind would willingly sign up for surgery without considering the side effects or possibility of infection after a procedure. The good news is that if your guy decides to go under the knife, he can expect a pretty swift recovery, with down time of about 2-3 weeks. Bench pressing can resume shortly thereafter.

4.        Men can’t spot reduce their man boobs

While some of us love a man who’s conscious about his health and physical well-being, please be advised that even if he’s faithfully working out three to four times a week, he won’t be able to spot treat and banish his chest fat. suggests that interval and strength training and playing sports will promote the development of strong muscles. In turn, he can expect a toned and leaner chest.

5.        Some men are confident in their own skin, and you should be too

Remember the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, it’s especially true for men who are more concerned about maintaining a healthier lifestyle, rather than the latest fashions, or yet in this case, cosmetic treatment. Demetrius Jackson, 35 of Columbus, OH decided to have gastric bypass surgery in 2005 because he was concerned about potential life-threatening health issues. Ten years later, he says that if he could do it all over again, he would – and would never object to having breast reduction surgery. “At this point in life, if it was something that would help in regards to my health then I would strongly consider it, but from a mere cosmetic standpoint, probably not. The most important thing to me is living a healthier life. It’s of the utmost importance that I’m around to see that my child grows up, and that I’m healthy enough to play with her as she continues to grow.”

Nicole Townsend

Nicole Townsend