The $15 Body Butter Stick That Changed My On-The-Go Hydration

Deodorant for your skin. 

When the weather gets warmer, I get more self- conscious about the amount of skin that I have showing and how well-moisturized it looks under my skirts. As a teen, I would just slather on baby oil before leaving the house to get all of the glow on the summer body highlights: calves, arms, and collar bones. This ruined many silk shirts, but at least I was always radiant. I’ve elevated my body moisturizing routine slightly with a scrub, enriching lotion, and grapeseed oil to seal in the moisture. But now and then,  I find that my skin dries out because of the sun or cold weather, leading to ashy ankles or knees to combat.

The body butter stick from H20+ works as both a solid fragrance and moisturizer. The sticks that roll on like deodorant come in two scents: Sunflower Seed Oil and Coconut Seed Butter with scents of Lemongrass or Teak Rose, respectively. The coconut oil and sunflower oils work to soften and provide natural nourishment to the skin. Personally, I like using the stick on my wrists for an added fresh scent on-the-go. The only drawback of these sticks is the residue that can build up from rolling the butter stick onto the skin. Otherwise, this is the busy girl’s solution to discreetly repairing dry skin.