Kevin Durant Pledges $1M To Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Kevin Durant donates $1 million to the American Red Cross for disaster relief.

Gospel Singer Sues McDonald’s For Ruined Voice

Jacqueline Simpson is suing a McDonald's located near the World Trade Center for damaging her voice.

Wayne Brady To Host Apollo’s Spring Gala

Wayne Brady will host Apollo's 8th annual Spring Gala, honoring Chaka Khan.

Will Smith Does Give Impromptu Rap Performance

Will Smith raps on David Letterman.

Garcia Apologizes For ‘Fried Chicken’ Comment to Tiger Woods

Spanish golfer, Sergio Garcia is denying accusations of racism after his remarks during an awards dinner.

Robin Roberts to Write Memoir About Illness

Robin Roberts will be releasing a book about her battle with blood and bone marrow disease.

ESPN Reportedly Laying Off Hundreds

The sport network, ESPN, employs its first major staff reduction since 2009.

Eminem’s Publisher Sues Facebook

The rapper's publisher is suing Facebook over the usage of “Under the Influence.”

Rapper Chief Keef Arreseted Near Atlanta Hotel

Police in suburban Atlanta say rapper Chief Keef, whose name is Keith Cozart, has been arrested and charged with disorderly ...

Sinbad Files For Bankruptcy

Comedian and actor Sinbad has filed for bankruptcy for the second time.

Cleveland Man Gets Charles Ramsey Tattoo

A local tattoo artist gets Charles Ramsey's face inked onto his leg.

Eazy E, Ol’ Dirty Bastard Holograms to Rock The Bells

Two deceased rappers will be resurrected for this year's Rock the Bells festival.

Spire Permanently Installed On WTC Towe

A tall, heavy spire was fully installed atop One World Trade Center on Friday, bringing the New York City structure to its ...

Fuse Debuts New Hip-Hop Scripted Series

Fuse will launch its first scripted series, The Hustle. The Hustle is a six-part 30-minute hip-hop drama that focuses on ...

Chicago Teen Says Bullies Set Her Hair On Fire

Taunting and teasing went too far when a 14-year-old girls' hair was set aflame by two other classmates.

‘Tonight Show’ Pumpcast Couple Goes Viral

A musical couple puts their singing skills to the test during this gas pump prank.

Friend Says, He and Malcolm Shabazz ‘Lured’ Bar, attacked

Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of political activist Malcolm X, died in Mexico City after a violent dispute in a bar, Mexican ...

Dennis Rodman Asks Kim Jong Un to “Do Me a ...

FDennis Rodman is asking his friend, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, to release Korean-American Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American man ...

North Carolina Man Locked Up for Drinking Arizona Iced Tea

Apparently, sipping on an Arizona Iced Tea can get you arrested. Christopher Beatty is the North Carolina man who found ...

Lil Kim Sued for $15 Mil

Lil Kim’s ex-business partner, Andrew Ro, has filed a $15 million countersuit in response the rapper’s $1 million lawsuit filed ...

Charles Ramsey Retells Heroic Story

Charles Ramsey, the hero who freed a few women who had been held captive for years, spoke to CNN’S Anderson ...