Man Sentenced for Threatening Obama on Twitter

Threatening President Obama on Twitter caused 26-year-old Jarvis Britton to get one year in jail.

Oprah and India.Arie on Super Soul Sunday

India.Arie sits down with Oprah to discuss Spiritual Awakening. Two episodes will air.

What We’re Reading This Week [June, 21, 2013] rounds up the must-read stories of this past week.

George Zimmerman Faces All Female Jury Monday

George Zimmerman will face an all female jury on Monday. Out of the ten women selected, five are white.

Paula Deen’s Deposition Makes the Situation Worse

Paula Deen's deposition confirms allegations of her using the N-Word and it's pretty bad.

L.A. Approves Ban on Plastic Grocery Bags

L.A.'s City Council members voted to eliminate plastic grocery bags Tuesday.

Agency offers $6.3 million for Grant Competition

MBDA awarding six grants to minority business owners. Applications due June 22 for consideration.

Top 10 Most Violent Cities List 2013

Flint, Mich. is ranked the highest in violent crimes in the country.

Twitter Drags Paula Deen For Racism

Twitter use #PaulasBestDishes to mock Paula Deen's alleged racism.

Serena Williams Comments on Steubenville Victim

Serena Williams says the 16-year-old Steubenville rape victim should not have put herself in that situation.

Judge declares Aiyana Jones Case Mistrial

Jurors failed to reach a verdict in the trial of a police officer, who fatally shot 7-year-old Aiyana Jones. ...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Wants Leniency

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to serve time first, if he and his wife, Sandi Jackson, are sentenced to ...

Death row inmate walks free

After being on death row for 27 years, Paula Cooper is being released

Help Was Close for Ariel Castro’s Victims

Police visited Castro's block one out of every three days, or 1,099 times.