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Rihanna Announces New Fenty Beauty Body Lava

Spring has sprung, and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection has got the goods to keep your beauty needs satiated through the ...

Rihanna Has An Interesting Request Regarding the 1st Time She ...

When it comes to your first time, you either really love it, hate it or simply regret it

Rihanna’s New Creepers Are Just What We Need for the ...

Rihanna is booked and busy. But stacking her bread while saving the world must be exhausting! In addition to debuting ...

Drake Rocks Rihanna’s Face on His …Socks?

He loves her from his head to his toes ...

#Baeday: Rihanna Spotted on Date with Boyfriend in London

Pair was spotted at London-based restaurant Wednesday

Chris Brown Still ‘Haunted’ By Rihanna Domestic Violence Incident

"I hate it to this day"

So …Nicki Minaj Posted A Pic & Folks Think She’s ...

Shade or nah?

Here’s Why Rihanna Keeps Curving a Diplo Collaboration

The Internets wanna know. Why, Rihanna? Chris Brown isn’t the only one showing he’s (still) checking for Rihanna. Diplo and Major Lazer have ...

Chris Brown Responds to Sexy Rihanna Pic


Oop! Rihanna Doesn’t Give Not One Damn About Fat Shamers

RiRi doesn't have time ...but she will make it if tested

Twitter Goes HAM Over Rihanna’s New Boo

Rihanna damn near broke the internet. Well, not really, but folks can't seem to stop talking about her new boo

Once Again, Rihanna Shows Us Why She’s THAT Girl

Grammy Award-winning singer has been using her platform—and influence—to directly sent tweets to leaders from all over the globe

Chris Brown Shares Intimate Details About Relationship With Rihanna

"I remember staying over her house and I was just like, ‘Man, what are we doing?’"

Come Through! Rihanna Messages Fan Love Advice

Ladies and gents, when Rihanna messages you, it definitely has gone down in the DM

Rihanna Designs Her Last Collection Of Manolo Blahnik Heels

And they are so so cute!

Rihanna Made A Documentary About Her Time In Malawi

Rihanna is way more than just a pop star.

Drake, Rihanna, Future and More All Passed on Travis Scott’s ...

It’s far from uncommon for producers in Hip-Hip to send out the same beats to various artists in hopes that ...

So, Remember That Rihanna & Lupita Nyong’o Fan Movie, IT’S ...

Recently, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o, Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae joked on Twitter about doing a heist film together, and now ...

Rihanna Went Full On Cowgirl For The Dior Show

Did she pull it off or nah?

See All The Photos From Rihanna’s Annual Party At 1OAK

Started at The Darby, ended at 1OAK. 

Here’s Why Rihanna’s Rosy Met Gala Makeup Look Is Bound ...

Blush also being eyeshadow is going to be a thing.