Daily Archives: May 4, 2017

Is BET Network A Breeding Ground For Misogynistic Culture?!

Things are getting real over at BET and for the worst reasons.

Officer Who Shot Jordan Edwards Fired by Police Chief

In what could be the first steps towards justice, the police officer who shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards this past Saturday has been fired by the ...

Stop Everything & Watch ‘Conversating While Black’ With Your BFF

Conversating While Black is the new Blavity web-series that reminds you of everything you’ve ever discussed with your BFF.

Deep Conversations Will Continue In ’Dark Girls 2’ 

Dark Girls 2 will continue with an even more intricate look into colorism and perceptions of beauty in the Black community.

Wait Hol’ Up! Here’s the $8 Drugstore Product That Tracee ...

Our fairy-Godmother of perfect afros uses drugstore hair products. 

Misty Knight Did Not Come To Play In The New ...

Netflix is getting all of the Defenders together because the war for the soul of New York City is on.

Hulu Just Got Into Bed With Marvel

Hulu is the latest streaming service to hop into bed with Marvel, and this time it’s for Runaways.

Ebony & Jet go Hollywood-ish with WME

Jet and Ebony magazines are about to expand their reach in a major way.