Daily Archives: December 9, 2016

Donnie Simpson Is Hoping to Save R&B

"It’s not about making a dollar, it’s about making us better," - Donnie Simpson

Because Shirley Caesar and Liquor Don’t Mix …

Pastor Caesar is filing a lawsuit over the viral "You Name It" song

Viola Desmond Honored With Canadian Banknote

Woman hailed as "Canada's Rosa Parks" honored with bill feature

Why Ben Carson as HUD Secretary is a Poor Choice

It's not just because he never lived in the projects.

Michelle Obama Featured in Women in Music Doc

Documentary highlights women from various roles in the industry and their journey to success

Wesley Snipes Penning Debut Novel “Talon of God”

The actor/author is taking readers on an emotional ride with this sci-fi thriller

Jury to Hear Charleston Shooter’s Confession

This will mark the first time the public has heard extensively from the self-identified White supremacist

All The Buzz about ‘ J.Cole’s ‘ 4 Your ...

The leader of Dreamville offers an introspective, hip-hop soul album, free of features

Slager Jury Foreman Tells Surprise About Outcome

The lead juror in the trial of the policeman who killed Walter Scott explains why the jury deadlocked