Daily Archives: November 30, 2016

Now You Can Netflix & Chill Without the Internet

The streaming giant announced a major new change

Truck Driver in Tracy Morgan Crash Pleads Guilty

The deal could help the former Wal-Mart driver avoid jail time

Ex-NFL Standout Darren Sharper Sentenced

The one-time football star will be imprisoned for serial sexual assaults in four states

Hoping for a Michelle Obama 2020 Ticket? Don’t

Sorry folks, but Michelle Obama will not be running for president

Serena Williams Encourages Women to ‘Be Bold’

The tennis champ has some powerful words for young women

Reality Check: Love Ain’t Easy

Love is not solely how a person makes you feel. It is responsibility

Keith Lamont Scott Officer Won’t Face Charges

Officer Brentley Vinson will not face charges in the September shooting death

Man Awarded $600,000 After Accidental Lockup

Man who was visiting son accidentally locked up in Cook County jail

Melody Ehsani Pays Homage to Allen Iverson’s Iconic Shoes

The designer has something up her sleeve to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Allen Iverson's sneakers