Daily Archives: November 15, 2016

Ben Carson Declines Role in Trump Adminstration

Friend of neurosurgeon who ran for president reportedly says he feels that "He has no government experience"

Examiner Says Keith Scott Shot in Back

An autopsy and toxicology report reveals more about the moment he died at the hands of Charlotte police

Pepsi, Fox Launch Hidden Figures Inspired Contest

Scholarship is designed to help uncover the next generation of female STEM leaders

Tika Sumpter Outraged Over Mom’s Arrest

When getting your read on leads to handcuffs

Keith Ellison’s DNC Run Draws Support, Critics

While Democrats praised him, the right wing attacked almost instantly

Civil Rights Orgs Vow to Keep Eye on Trump Admin

The NAACP, the National Urban League say they will fight any threats to civil rights

Nicki Minaj is Back with ‘Black Barbie’

Does the entertainer's latest record get a pass or play?

Dwayne Johnson Is ‘the Sexiest Man Alive’

The Rock just added another accolade to his resume