Daily Archives: October 28, 2016

Philadelphia 76ers Apologize To Sevyn Streeter

The organization extended another invitation, but should Sevyn accept?

Introducing: ‘Moonlight’ Actor Ashton Sanders

The breakout star retraced his emotional past to deliver a powerful performance

Creative Spotlight: Morgan Pete

Peek into the world of this bright creative with a goal to motivate others to reach their highest potential

Students Angered at ‘Affirmative Action Bake Sale’

What conservative students called a protest was swiftly met with counter-protest

In Response to Chris Brown’s ‘Cheating’ Advice

[OPINION] Why we should lay off of him this ONE time

New Tribe Called Quest Album Dropping in Nov.

The Tribe will finally complete their journey

Justice Department to Investigate Memphis Police

DOJ probe comes in response to criticism of department's treatment of Black community

‘That’s So Raven’ Is Getting a Reboot

Star makes big announcement about classic TV series

Judge Rules Flint Lawsuit Can Proceed

The suit claims government officials covered up toxicity in the water supply

Erica Garner Has A Bone to Pick With Clinton

Daughter of chokehold victim feels Clinton "used" father's death for political gain

Steve Harvey Pays Homage to ‘Coming To America’

The talk show host goes all out for an hilarious Halloween tribute to the cult-classic

Trump’s ‘New Deal’ Offers Little More Than Rhetoric

[OPINION] Trump has a superficial understanding of what has been happening in Black America